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Roads in Georgia is poor. Although the majority of traffic is performed here automobiles , many roads are passable only using specialized equipment .
For tourists who wish to get acquainted with the mountain areas, will be needed help locals who know the best routes of movement. But they can be so complex that independent movement on local roads is extremely undesirable .

Movement in the country sided. But the rules of the road each ( both driver and pedestrian) interpret in their own way on the road so you have to be extremely careful.On the territory of Georgia distributed various forms of public transport : buses, minibuses , taxis, Tbilisi has a subway .

Buses and vans

Buses and vans - the major form of public transport , with which you can get anywhere in the city . The fare is 40 tetri (about $ 0.25) . They stop at special stations and work from 7.00 to 24.00 on schedule. The only thing that we must remember that the schedule each driver his own, and often have to wait for the bus for a long time .


Taxis - a fixed fare of 50 tetri ( $ 0.3 ) you stay in required places. Work on schedule - from 7.00 to 24.00 . Enough to raise a hand to taxi stopped.


You're free to take a taxi , which by European standards, costs very little . In the daytime, the average cost of a taxi within the city center and plays in close areas will cost about 5 lari ( $ 3) . At night, from 24.00 to 6.00 taxi fare will be slightly higher . All taxis have a yellow insignia . Taxis are readily available on the street or catch a phone call 511 , (+995 32) 78 78 78 ( Tbilisi ) , (+995 32) 201 201 ( Tbilisi ) , (+995 32) 94 44 44 ( Tbilisi ) .


Tbilisi is the subway, which is the oldest and still the most convenient means of transportation in the country. It has existed since 1966 , and was one of the first appeared in the USSR. To date, all of the local metro station located on two major transportation lines , accommodates 21 stations and one station stops . The fare is 40 tetri (about $ 0.25) . Due to the convenient location of stations by metro you can reach a maximum speed of distant remote areas in which on any other truck to get difficult and uncomfortable.

Coaches and minibuses

Intercity bus lines connect between all major cities of Georgia. Ticket prices are quite low and regulated by the state .

For example , the fare on the bus on the route Tbilisi - Batumi is about 20 lari ( $ 12) , the cost of travel by taxi Tbilisi - Batumi is about 30 lari ( $ 17) .

For more information on fares on intercity buses and vans , you can get help in Tbilisi Bus Station or at Tbilisi str. Gulia 1.


The first railway was opened in 1872, coupled with Poti Tiflis (Tbilisi) . Prior to 1991, the railways in Georgia were part of the Transcaucasian Railway . Railroads in Georgia almost completely electrified , with the exception of land - Ninotsminda -Akhalkalaki , electrification which was interrupted by the collapse of the USSR and has not been renewed after . On the site Samtredia - Tbilisi - Gardabani (border with Azerbaijan ) railway double track , and all the other sites - single track . There are currently plans to add the second track on the site Samtredia - Batumi, which is caused by a serious increase in turnover in this direction. The main branches are: Natanebi - Ozurgeti , Marneuli - Bolnisi - Kazreti , Gurdjaani - Tsnori , 89 km Post - Dedeplistskaro , Gori - Nicosia , Kutaisi - Tkibuli Kutaisi - Tshaltubo , Zestafoni - Chiatura - Sachkhere Khashuri - Tsikhisdziri .

Air transport

Air transportation within the country underdeveloped and relatively expensive . Given the small size of the country , you can use either the railway or coach . All the big international airports are located in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi .

Maritime transport

Its development is linked to the creation of major Black Sea ports - Batumi and Poti . Maritime transport is of great importance for foreign economic relations not only Georgia, but also the Central - Asian countries.

In Tbilisi there ropeway . It connects the area of Europe and Narikala fortress . The transparent floor stalls while driving can see the details at the bottom of sailing streets and houses of Old Town. The price of travel - 1 GEL.

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