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Tbilisi (means "Warm Spring") is the capital and largest city of Georgia. Located on the bank of the river Mtkvari (Kura). The mild climate, with long summers and warm winters, and ancient history all year round attracts tourists.


Georgia Nature is generous and varied, and to protect the unique natural complexes created here Tbilisi National Park.

Tbilisi - a city with a rich history dating back to ancient times. In the annals of the ancient city referred to the 4th century BC. But, according to archaeological excavations, the area on which the modern Tbilisi, was inhabited in the Neolithic period. Loam and liveable area in the valley of the Kura River  had a very favorable position - here was the trade routes to the south of the Arab countries, Russia to the north, west to the Byzantine Empire and on the east to India. This led to the rapid development of the city, and that Iberia Vakhtang Gargasale King of Iberia in 458 moved his capital. Since Vakhtang Gargasale considered the founder of the city. The most famous tourist places in the city is must be visited: the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Freedom Square, Sioni Cathedral, Metekhi Nariqala, Houses of Parliament, Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi Opera, Anchishati, Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain), Kashveti Church, Bridge of Peace. Life of the city is displayed in the painting and Lado Pirosmani Gudiashvili. Georgia is one of the most famous ensembles Georgian choreography "Sukhishvili - Ramishvili".

The main cities of Georgia Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Zugdidi, Gori, Poti.

Medical and spa resorts - Borjomi, Akhtala Sairme Tskhaltubo Shovi.

Ski resorts - Gudauri, Bakuriani.

The climate of Georgia.

In Georgia, subtropical climate prevails in the west, and the transition from subtropical to temperate in the east. On the coast summers are humid and moderately hot, winters mild enough . In mountainous areas, the climate is harsh, and in January the temperature can drop to -15-20 degrees. Snow falls here in November, and is the end of March, making it ideal for lovers of skiing holidays. But in general, the best time to visit Georgia - May- June and September, when the entire country is warm and sunny but not too hot. In July and August you can safely go to the Black Sea coast, where the heat is softened by a light breeze.

Hotels in Georgia.

In general, hotels in Georgia are "Three-star" category, where the price per room starts from 45 euros. There is a "Five-Star" chain hotels such as Marriott, Sheraton and Radisson, which correspond to the European standards of service. However, in recent years tourism in Georgia is growing rapidly, and good not expensive hotels do not have enough, enjoy great popularity more guest houses and private hotels.

Money and exchange.

The national currency of Georgia is GEL. Money can be exchanged in banks and exchange offices as well. Banking Hours - 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday,
exchangers work on a flexible schedule, and usualy around the clock. Exchange rate in the last ones is a little profitable. In search of ATMs no problems - they are located in Tbilisi, in addition to banks, shopping malls, stores and post offices. You can also pay by credit card in hotels, major restaurants and shops, but not all, so it pays to always carry cash. Contingency spending across the country can receive money via Western Union.


In Georgia, a high level of security for tourists. In the evening, you can safely move around of Tbilisi, travel around the country also does not promise any hassles, subject to accepted norms of behavior.


Georgian cuisine takes its deserved place on the culinary Olympus. In general, the modern Georgian cuisine none of meats has no prevailing values​​. Muzhuzhi popular recipes, chanakhi mutton, beef and kharcho chakhokhbili homemade chicken or turkey. Recipes fish dishes occupy a relatively modest place in Georgia, and distributed only in certain areas close to rivers. Most vegetable dishes made ​​from beans, eggplant, cabbage and cauliflower, beets, tomatoes. Often recipes Lobio beans seasoned with herbs and spices, which, depending on the recipe change. And, of course, none of the Georgian feast is complete without wine, which began producing in Georgia in the 5th millennium BC Currently, more than 500 varieties of cultivated wine, so the choice of wine is so rich and vast that in one visit this great country just do not try. Generally, the incredible hospitality and cordiality Georgian atmosphere of respect and love, reigning at the table - half the dishes taste. The other half - the freshest products and mental portions.

Shopping and souvenirs.

Leaving Georgia, do not forget to bring home as a souvenir piece of country as carpets or rugs handmade national daggers, gold and silver jewelry, unusual - decorated containers for wine - glass, clay or horn, embroidered shawls, ceramic or enamel. And, of course , deserve special attention cheeses, spices, churchkhela, wine, chacha, aromatic herbs and spices.


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