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1. Snow, trails and lifts .

On Georgian ski resorts - Gudauri , Bakuriani and Mestia guaranteed winter deep snow (up to 3 meters) .

The season usually starts from December 20 and lasts until April . Ski trails groomed , persistent and varied. Possibilities are endless for freeriding . Resorts are equipped with modern Austrian and French ski lifts. Queues at the lifts are rare.

2 . easy to reach

Flight fast and inexpensive . Airports in Kutaisi and Tbilisi involve a large number of cities. Flight from most European cities and CIS lasts about 2.5 -3 hours. Fly to Georgia as budget carriers and classic airlines . The cost ranges from USD 160 to USD 400 per round trip. From Tbilisi airport road by car (transfer) in Gudauri takes just 2 hours; from Kutaisi to Gudauri or location - 4-5 hours.

3 . Visa-free entry

No visa is required for citizens of the former post-Soviet space , as well as citizens of the European Union , Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

4 . Ease of communication

In Georgia, there is almost no language barrier - the staff all around speaks Russian and English. Friendliness , warmth and hospitality of the local population will leave a good impression of being in Georgia. People older than 30 years are well understand and speak Russian , youth - in English .

5 . Comfortable mild climate

The unique microclimate of the mountain resorts of Georgia (in the north - Greater Caucasus Range , east and west - the Black and Caspian Seas ) causes frequent and heavy snowfalls during the period from December to late April . Structure of snow on reviews by experts , similar to snow ski resorts in New Zealand. Severe frosts are rare - winter temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees below zero. In the year 90 % of the days - solar .

6. Allowed freeride and heli-skiing *

Georgian resorts Gudauri and Hatsvali Tetnuldi - paradise for freeriders and "Mecca" for fans outside trass skating. Freeride in Gudauri is available directly under the lift - close to slopes are dozens of hectares of virgin snow - untouched snow. Experienced athletes can participate in the heli-ski or freeride programs , accompanied by local certified guides .

* Note: In most European resorts freeride forbidden - for off-piste skiing is threatened with serious fines and even criminal liability . Undercutting the slope and descent avalanche freerider , without knowing it , can leave without electricity mountain communities (if the wires are cut off ) , or cause death. Heli-skiing is banned in Europe for reasons of environmental protection. In the Caucasus, freeride and heli-skiing yet possible because mountains populated enough.

7. security

Over the past few years the country has witnessed a tourism boom - the number of tourists visiting the country every year increased by more than 35%. Old stereotypes about Georgia , imposed by the Russian media are destroyed from the very first minutes of being in this hospitable country . Georgia is one of the safest and friendliest destinations .

8. Georgia - a storehouse of historical heritage

Georgia, a country of ancient and unique culture with its traditional music , singing, art and architecture is truly unique achievement in the history of the World . Cultural heritage of Georgia , in conjunction with the unique mountain landscape , lets call this country one of the most exciting places on the planet .

Mtskheta , Shatili Sighnaghi Vardzija Uplistsikhe , Ushguli - just a few of the thousands of words , each of which may be a reason to visit Georgia.

9. alcohol

Inexpensive and quality alcohol - Tbilisi liter -year-old wine can be bought cheaper package of milk and a bottle of brandy in a great five-star shop costs USD 12.

Georgia - the birthplace of wine culture : near Tbilisi was found the oldest domesticated grape seeds of grapes, dating back more than 8000 years. It was in Georgia , as elsewhere in the world , the cult of wine making and the corresponding ritual associated with a feast ( Institute of Toastmasters , etc.) has become an integral part of the national identity of the Georgians.

10 . Georgian hospitality and cuisine

Georgian cuisine , through a variety of ingredients and spices used , is known for its complex range of flavors and a lot of unique recipes. For many centuries, the people of Georgia has developed a unique Hospitality Institute - host and guest relations , which is based on the biblical ideology. Guest for Georgians - the messenger of God , as evidenced by the proverb " a guest of God."


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